Men’s Padded Boxer Short (VAT Exempted)

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The Men’s Padded BOXER SHORT is made from 100% cotton to ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. It is designed in a way which makes the pant appear to be an everyday boxer short with the added protection the washable pad gives. The BOXER SHORT has a free-floating pad with a waterproof backing. The garment has a false buttoned fly. The wide elasticated waistband ensures ultimate comfort to the wearer.
The garment is machine washable and is recommended for daytime use.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% cotton.

  • Absorbent Pad holding up to 280mls.

  • Wide elasticated waistband.

  • Waterproof backing to the built-in pad.

  • False Fly appearance to give it a normal boxer appearance.

  • Absorbencies are there for guidelines. We recommended changing as soon as you are able to once the garment becomes wet.