UK VAT Exemption

VAT Exemption For Easy Move Sheets

Our "Easy Turn",  "Secure Sit and Slide" and "Travel Sit and Slide"  Sheets are specifically designed to assist people to move more easily in bed and, as such, are available to  be bought VAT exempt for those people who are chronically sick or disabled. You must be resident in the UK. 

The Our Easy Slide Sheets and Bamboo Bedding Protection do not qualify for VAT relief as they are not  manufactured specifically to suit a disabled persons. 

Supplies can be zero rated to customers when:-

 1. A person is chronically sick or disabled if he/she is a person with a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability:-

i.    To carry out everyday activities.
ii.   With a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic condition (long term illness) e.g. diabetes.
iii.   Is terminally ill.

2. The goods are purchased or acquired for personal or domestic use only. If you live in a residential institution you do not qualify for VAT exemption on these products.

3. Goods are only eligible for exemption if they are manufactured specifically to suit a disabled person.

4. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods zero-rated for VAT you should consult  the HM Revenue and Customs website under 'VAT relief for disabled and older people'. Or contact the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000. 

5.  A charity may be be eligible for relief where the goods are made available by the charity to a disabled person for their personal or domestic use.  


  • You can buy Easy Turn, Secure Sit and Slide  and Sit and Slide Travel Sheets without having to pay VAT.

  • Persons qualifying for VAT exemption MUST fill the VAT declaration form provided at the checkout before completing the order.
    VAT relief is not available for frail elderly persons who are otherwise able bodied or any person who is only temporarily disabled or incapacitated,    e.g. a  broken limb.  


 We are obliged to charge you the full 20.0% VAT on the whole of your order. VAT is added in the shopping basket and will be clearly shown in the shopping basket and checkout.

Ordering by Phone:  We will email you a VAT declaration form. When we receive a completed form back we will deduct the VAT from your invoice