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Difficulty turning and moving in bed? Trouble Sleeping?
Relax and Sleep easier - A low friction fitted sheet is all you need to regain
independence and turn in bed with ease.
hese sheets do not qualify for VAT exemption.

There are many causes of low mobility in bed medical conditions  such as Parkinsons, Arthritis, Motor Neurone, Stroke and other situations such as joint replacement and back pain. Traditional cotton sheets can drag and pull at night clothing making it difficult to move and change position whilst in bed, making for a restless and disturbed sleep.

Many OT's and Moving and Handling specialists recommend a satin sheet for you mattress because it greatly aids independence and mobility. "A simple idea makes moving in bed a breeze."

Best for those with reduced body and leg strength
Slide easily in bed with our superb - Easy Slide Satin Sheets- regain some independence today!

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Super smooth surface, low friction, satin weave polyester
helps you move, slide and reposition more easily in bed.
  • The Fabric has a soft and shiny finish not found
    in any other bedding
  • The fitted sheets is elasticated all the way round - so stays put on the mattress doesn't ride up or get tangled
  • Very comfortable to sleep on
  • Easy care - machine wash between 40C and 90C
    quick dry and no need to iron

Made for all sizes of mattresses including extra deep,
memory foam and adjustable beds. Our bedding 
is often recommended by Occupational Therapists.

Just a fitted sheet can make all the difference .......
" before it was such a struggle to move in bed, now I positively glide" R Williams - Wiltshire.

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Easy Slide Sheet - Single Sizes
From: £29.00
PRICES SHOWN exc. VAT. VAT IS ADDED AT CHECKOUT . Easy Slide Sheets in 8 different sizes to fit all regularly found single bed mattress sizes including profiling and adjustable beds.
Easy Slide Sheet - Double Sizes
Easy Slide Sheet - King Sizes
Easy Slide Sheet Super King Sizes
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We get a lot of lovely customer testimonials. Here's a just a handful :-

"...the design and quality are excellent and the non-slip edge is a real safety aid when I am helping my wife into and out of bed - her mobility is extremely poor - so we are really pleased with them."
 " From recent and past experience with this company I can only say they are First Class and produce goods of quality particularly the slide sheets that have been beneficial to my wife who has Parkinsons."
"I have purchased the satin sheet to enable my husband who has Parkinsons to move in bed with ease. It arrived quickly and excellent quality. The website was easy to use. I have recommended your site to several medical and care staff. Thank you, I will purchase again.
"Thank you! I love your satin sheets. I heard about you through a patient of mine who had Parkinson's Disease. She said that the satin sheets enabled her to move freely in bed which she was unable to do before. I have since recommended them to others and my most recent purchase is for a friend who also has Parkinsons."
"So happy to have found your website. The satin sheet works perfectly for husband with Parkinsons, we now both have restful nights! The quality of your products and service is second to none. Thank you"
"The Easy Slide Sheet has enabled me to turn over in bed without asking my wife for assistance."
"I have to tell you that buying the Easy Sit and Slide Travel Sheet via your website, has changed my life!
Owning a 4 feet wide divan I could not find a suitable fitted sheet, so ‘gambled’ that the single Travel Sheet would fit nicely and it did.
"My husband has Parkinsons and  spinal injury and has been able only to sleep on his left side for the last 3 years.  With your sheet he has now at last been able to turn onto his back, and right over with no help - and turn back.  Its absolutely wonderful.
Emsec Easy Move Sheets - Winner - Best for Low Mobility Medical Bedding Products 2016