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New fitted bed sheet makes a big difference for people with Parkinson’s

Turning over in bed can cause problems for people with Parkinson’s. Ridigity can  make it almost impossible.

Satin Sheets  can be helpful. The shiny, low-friction qualities of the Satin finish make turning a whole lot easier.

Many people are finding that the range of sheets from Emsec Easy Move Sheets offer real benefits.

Here a recent customer wrote to us:-

“I must say your sheets I purchased are absolutely brilliant.  Even my Parkinsons’ physiotherapist had not known anything like this before, so I gave her 1 of your leaflets which came with my order & said pass it on.  Your base sheet, together with my silk/satin shorts/top  make it very easy for me to get in/out & turn over in bed now.  Thank you very much.  I’m glad I found you.”

We get many emails like this where people have found Emsec Easy Move Sheets a real boon.

There are three sheets in the Range. The Easy Slide Sheet, The Easy Turn Sheet and the Secure Sit and Slide Sheet.

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