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Emsec Easy Move Sheets can help ease back pain in bed

If you suffer with back pain – whatever the cause you’ll know how difficult it is to  move and reposition in bed. When you do move during the night the pain and discomfort of back pain wakes you up and then makes it much more difficult to get back to sleep again .

Our range of Easy Move sheets use sections of low-friction poly satin to help you move much more easily in bed so reducing the  disturbance that a bad back can cause.

The three sheets in the  range are the Easy Slide sheet which is a fitted sheet all in low-friction poly- satin. The easy turn sheet – in which the bottom third of the sheet is a special grip fabric, – which can make it  much easier for the feet to gain purchase when turning. The Secure Sit and Slide has grip fabric at the foot end and at the sides of the bed to give extra grip who find it difficult to safely get in and out of  bed.

All of these fitted bed sheets can make moving in bed  much easier and ease the pain of turning.
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